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Way Too Much Information

TMI = disturbing knowledge that feels unnecessary. ”Sorry, TMI… too much information.” 

This urban slang is standard in our everyday lives. We are being sucked into a world of TMI. 

Although our brains are dangerously balancing on the edge of mental burn-out, we grab our phones and search for the latest fix.

Look at me. I wake up in the morning and sense my digital addiction calling me once again. The media screams out to my curiosity (and inner fear) that maybe I’ve missed something overnight. 

Corona lockdowns meant free time for self-observation and although I began an online course, writing a blog and organizing my house; it is still the call of the TV, laptop and mobile phone that reign over my daily life. For me, it has become a drug. 

On the other hand, it is also a lifeline to others, right? 

Where is the tipping point? 

When does this addiction to repetitive information rob me of my chance to self-actualize? 

Today we absorb an immense amount of facts, figures, opinions, advertising, political views and now, global corona virus news. Our workplace is online, our communication is online and our entertainment is online. Updating, downloading, onboarding, etc. It’s mental overkill and it is making us sick. 

As an artist and authenticity coach I have watched as this collecting of information separates the individual from their core being. We have not learned how to balance our real lives with the daily flow of information. I refer to it as the “Trump Syndrome”: brand the name then send daily contradictory statements online so a person’s over stimulated curiosity develops into an addiction. 

This is the concept behind Click Bait: a method to enhance readership by accessing the lack of control in humans to stop it. We are fish waiting for the worm to be dangled before our eyes so we can swallow it “hook, line and sinker.” 

Granted, there are some extremely self-disciplined individuals who can self regulate but there are many more who jump when the phone beeps. Pavlov’s dog – classical conditioning. 

Separating necessary information from excess information is overwhelming. We are programmed to react and are rewarded with some tidbit from social media. During the corona quarantine many people were stuck in their homes and suddenly a huge portion of the world experienced this phenomenon of digital addiction on a daily basis. 

We are out of balance. We have to spit out the hook. Now. 

What to do? 

Reduce your usage and go analog. Begin with yourself. Listen to your body. Celebrate it with exercise. Get outside. Let nature inspire you. Breathe fresh air. Play sports. Discover your creativity through the arts; journal, dance, sing, write music, draw, paint, play an instrument. 

Connect your body and mind though your senses. See, hear, smell, touch and taste with delicacy. Focus is on delicacy! 

These actions will awaken your true potential as a human. And when we are on the other side of The Corona Story we will recognize what we were missing all along: a loving connection to self and consequently, to others. 

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