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Agile Artists

Agile is the Buzz Word on everyone lips these days. But just to set the story straight, there is no profession more agile than than that of an artist. The Corona pandemic has left many musicians, actors and dancers jobless. Months and months of….No singing. No touching. No working in groups. No audiences. No live performances. 

The future for them looks disturbingly dark but just pause and look around. Observe how they are so beautifully resilient. Free concerts, songs, balcony performances, internet orchestras, online dance, creative film and video projects and many more. Out of their restricted isolation came beauty, comedy, poetry, satire and philosophy. 

Aside from talent there are two fundamental elements of an artist that I find highly commendable: Flexibility and Adaptability. 

These people chose a challenging profession where most of them adjust regularly to a new working environment. The truth is shows end, companies close, casts change and projects fail to receive funding. 

Insecurity is the nature of the business and therefore, the reason they are lovingly referred to as “gypsies.” They are constantly on the move – physically and mentally. 

So what makes them so resilient? 

  • They are passionate about their profession. 
  • Self-evaluation and lifetime learning is a necessity. 
  • Job search is a universally accepted constant for them.  
  • Substituting for a colleague is an honor.  
  • Work is always shared with others.

What business wouldn’t love to have a workforce that encompasses these traits?

Performers have invested many years in self-discovery, discipline, collaboration, creation and empathy. So as we enter into this difficult time in the months after Corona, artists will adjust as they always have historically, through adaptation and flexibility. 

In short they have been trained to support and advance humanity. 

This is what I call Artistic Intelligence.


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