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The New Breed – Remote Office Employees

Working at home became commonplace with the Corona pandemic. And as we enter the post-pandemic era many companies have incorporated WFH into their daily business. But there are many pros and cons in the new constellation of remote workplaces. 

People need people. Psychologists have discovered that we unconsciously interpret a lack of physical contact as a signal of untrustworthiness. So what does that say to a senior executive? 

“Widen your perspective and open your eyes….your employees are rapidly distancing from you.” 

Harvard Business Review reports that 62% employees think remote working positively impacts their engagement but only 5% are likely to remain at the firm long term. 

Okay so that means 38% of the workforce have negative reactions to remote working and 95% are in their jobs temporarily. How do you build a synergetic team when your workforce in constantly depressed or in rotation?  

But, you say,”I have a great rapport with my employees.” Congratulations. You don’t need to read any further. For those of you who are still searching for more clarity read on. 

Ask yourself the following:

Questions for Senior Management:

  • Do you know your employees by name? One fact about them? Hobby? Children? 
  • Are you accessible to your employees? When was the last non-digital face-to-face encounter?
  • Why did you hire them? What was their passion? Is it still present?
  • Can you remember the last time you laughed with your employees?
  • Do they trust you? What makes you think so?
  • Are you flexible? How do you show this to your employees?
  • Do you offer perks? Trainings, spontaneous time off, innovative ways to support them as humans. 
  • Do you listen? 

Now give these questions anonymously to your employees and discover where you really stand. I know of one business owner who was so shocked by the results, he took time off to self-reflect and then reorganized his entire firm.

In short:


So, as you join your next virtual meeting I ask you to visualize your employees are sitting with you in a large circle. Get personal, engage in dialogue and listen. Listen with a Capital “L.”

Tune into the general vibe surrounding each individual. Allow equal and direct access to another. Lead from there.


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