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Coaching Authenticity

Authenticy Coach – Why me. Why now. Why this.
Look around. We are in living in a time of turmoil. Change is happening and fear is being used as method of manipulation and control. As humans we need each other more than ever. We are searching for our identities. This explains Facebook, Instagram and Co. People are striving to build communities via the internet. But these are facades. Pretty pictures that mask who we are. We want belonging. We want to be understood and accepted.

We begin to change when we can step back and honestly see who we are. Only then do we understand our connection to the people and world around us.

Using the performing arts I coach people to discover their own story and appreciate the importance of interaction with others. It is the journey of Me to We.
The stage performer needs authenticity so he can change the audience – make them feel.
The businessman needs authenticity so he can lead his employees with empathy and integrity.

The first step to authenticity is to find the way back to feeling and sensing. This was common practice as a child. We saw, felt, heard, touched, tasted and imagined. So what happened? We “grew up” and “left foolish things behind.
So here we are. Lost in the roles we think we are which are based on the opinions others have about us. Think about that one. We have devalued instinct, intuition, physical sensations and feeling. And it is these abilities that make us human.

Look to tribal societies – they dance, sing, act out their stories and have never forgotten their connection to community, nature and the earth. They are grounded. And grounding is the experience that I bring to others.I give people challenges that are uncomfortable but reachable. We delve into the imagination, inner listening and physicality. Along the way they discover themselves, their message and their passion.

I open doors for them and they choose if they want to use them.

Recently I led a project with Russian executives in London, two workshops in Brazil with musical performers, and a pop project with German business people. The message is the same – Find your authentic self. Find your message. Bond with others for amplification.

Excite + Educate + Exchange = Evolution

And when the individual connects to the group and the group to the global community, well then, we have begun a wave of clarity and authenticity. It’s a beginning.



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