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2020: The New Leader


Successful firms are led by executives who are able to connect to the workforce and the customers with a clear vision, integrity and a sustainable plan for the future. They are able to create a winning team and a successful culture. Exceptional leadership requires sensibility for outcomes as well as innovative ideas in tough situations. A qualified leader is not always out in front. The ability to listen, follow when necessary and step into the shoes of the client or the employee allows insight into the details of the organization. 

Work eats up half of our lives. When it is exciting and energizing we are satisfied and will gladly exchange our time for the greater whole of the employer. But today we are faced with increasing competition globally and the human in the workplace is becoming obsolete. We are forced to produce faster in order to keep up and save our jobs. We are dinosaurs and the Ice Age of technology is approaching. Are we prepared to let go and embrace a connected and synergetic world?

Of course its easier to maintain the status quo than to open the box to the unknown and that is where experimentation in the arts is a pathway to innovation. Artists feel called to create from a new viewpoint. They perceive differently and are unemcumbered with set standards and procedures. It is their job to create unusual visions and tempt conservative perspectives. This is part of the process to a product. Play with an idea. Observe it. Challenge it. Document it.

What would happen if our leaders stood in a room and in the art of play and discovery begin to view themselves and others from a different vantage point? Let go and simply feel the difference. How would this support humanity and create stronger leaders?

Soft skills are human skills. Why are we relearning them? When did our computers and cell phones replace our human relationships? It is sad that what makes us intrinsically human must now be re-trained. Soft skills are who we are. Without them we are slaves for the computer. With them we can create trust and communicate face-to-face, empathize and synergize.

Our exceptional team enlightens your Artistic Intelligence and adds to the productivity of your workforce. We challenge leaders, management and workforce to risk and reflect for a better future.

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