Creative CEO Coaching

An executive boardroom is a stage. These individual CEO consultations address two competencies for excellent performance: Core Message and Dynamic Presence. Sessions are focused on discovering one’s personal statement, authenticity and passionate engagement with an audience.

Core Message concentrates on individual perspective and investigates a cognitive and intuitive relationship to the main message. Creative theater techniques are used to discover truths: Who are you, What do you want,  Why do you want it. These questions open avenues of introspection and insight that result in honest and authentic communication.

Dynamic Presence addresses the physical elements of the executive. Topics include:

  • posture
  • vocal techniques
  • gestures
  • visual focus
  • body energy

A clear, confident presence is invaluable for a successful core message.

Imagine the best YOU.
Let’s make it a reality.

Target Group: executives, management, group leaders

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Kim Moke Coaching
CEO Coaching

Interesting, unusual and energizing.

Very helpful feedback. Highly professional.

The most helpful part was public speaking in English and addressing an audience.

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