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Sensing – A Path to Authentic Self

In todays world maybe it’s more important that you are perceived to be authentic. But from my experience it doesn’t always work. People can sense the fake personality. Trying too hard presents a shell that isn’t the real thing. We feel it isn’t honest.

Take note that I wrote feel it. It is similar to a dog that senses the person who has a fear of dogs. There is communication on a non-verbal level. We have entered the state of instinct, intuition and sensing.

There will be discussion about the degree of intuition and that of body language, smell and visual references. Senses do play a part in observation but not to forget the sixth sense. We often receive invisible and unaccountable insights but ignore them as whims or illogical thoughts. But these are signposts for our development if we have the insight to notice them and use the messages to our advantage.

I cannot tell you how many times I have been ready to change traffic lanes and an intuitive feeling stopped me. Only then did I discover another car in my blind spot. These incidents happen quite often. Sometimes I feel it and let the information in and sometimes I am caught up in my cerebral world.  It takes time, training, heightened awareness and acceptance to access these sensations.

But everyone has them, these fine, almost imperceptible sensations that open the doors to empathy and connection. If we are observant, we will be touched by our inner knowledge and our inner truth.

These sensations or sensibilities are pathways to who we are – our authentic selves.



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