Authentic Team Building Seminars

Want to inspire your workforce?

In this interactive day, participants become artists. They are taught theatrical skills in alternating groups, lead through personal challenges and lastly, directed as a cohesive ensemble. They cross the border of self and learn to recognize the social aspect of what they do and how inspired synergetic teamwork can reach unexpected goals.

It’s all about FOCUS, listen and do.

The theater seminar is an experiential day of rigorous learning to focus on resiliency, self-observation, collaboration and reinventing self from direct critique and those around them. This Me to We journey supports the value of the workforce as a connected, empathetic community.

Think less – Feel more!

Target Group: employees and management

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Kim Moke Speaker
Kim Moke Seminar

A very interesting and unusual experience. You won't find it anywhere else

Energized me and I got even closer to our big team. Events like this are very good for improving relationships.

I’m convinced that this experience will be of use in both our professional and everyday lives.

It made me feel uncomfortable. But I realize that was the whole point.

Not your average team building

Excellent idea. Definitely deserves to be implemented well beyond this module, including in other corporate university programs.

Good exercise, useful for the team to go out of the comfort zone and to make something together.

Very good stuff! The teachers are great professionals.

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